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What the Embassy can do


We offer help which is appropriate to the individual circumstances of each case, including:

> Facilitate Renewal of Passports

-Issuing Emergency Travel Certificates.

> Providing information about transferring funds.

> Providing appropriate help if ill or in hospital.

> Doing all we properly can to contact you when told that you have been detained.

> Offering support and help in a range of other cases, such as child abductions, death of relatives overseas, missing people and kidnappings.

> Contacting family or friends for you on request.

> Providing notarial services as appropriate.


 What the Embassy cannot do:


> Help you enter a country, for example, if you do not have a visa or your passport is not valid; because each country can decide who they allow into their country.

> Ensure your safety and security in another country; because such issues are the responsibility of the

government and authorities of that country.

> Give you legal advice or translate documents, although we can give you details of people who may be able to help you in these cases.

> Carry out searches for missing people; because doing so is the responsibility of the local authorities.

> Investigate crimes, get you out of prison, prevent the local authorities from deporting you after your prison sentence, or interfere in criminal or civil court proceedings;

> Get you better treatment in prison than local prisoners or get you better treatment in hospital than the treatment that is given to local people;

> Pay any bills or give you money from public funds; because we are not funded to do this and it is the

obligation of individuals to take responsibility for themselves.

> Make travel arrangements for you, or find you work or accommodation, or make business arrangements on your behalf; because they are private arrangements which are your responsibility to make for yourself.

> Get involved in private disputes over property, employment, commercial or other matters;


Financial help


> If you run out of money abroad, we can give you information on how to transfer money and we can

help you to contact relatives and friends who may be willing to transfer money to you or to buy you

a ticket back to Uganda.

> We cannot provide money to family or friends, for example if you have had to go into hospital,

to help with their travel or accommodation if they visit you.

> We are not funded to provide emergency financial assistance. It is important that you have full travel

insurance as we cannot pay your bills. If you don’t have travel insurance, you will be liable for any costs you are charged


Deaths abroad from natural causes


> If the person who died was travelling with a tour company, the company will often contact you, as the next of kin, themselves. If the death of a Ugandan national abroad is reported to us, and you are not present, we will ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to tell you as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to make sure that, as next of kin, you do not hear about the death first from the media, although we cannot always influence this.


> If you want us to, we can tell you the cost of local burial and local cremation (where local authorities

allow these for foreigners) or of transporting the body and personal belongings back to Uganda

(known as ‘repatriation’). You should be aware that, in some countries, a lack of suitable storage may make it impossible to get the necessary international certificates to transport the body.


While we cannot pay any burial, cremation or repatriation expenses ourselves or settle any debts, we can help transfer money from friends and relatives in Uganda to pay any necessary costs. If you want us to, we can provide lists of local and international funeral directors.


Ugandan nationals in detention or prison overseas


If a relative or friend has been detained or held in prison overseas, we can give the following support.


> If your relative or friend has asked us to, we will tell you as soon as we can that they have been detained or held in prison. However, to protect their privacy, we will not normally provide any details of the detention or arrest, or tell you how to contact them, unless they have given us permission.


> We can provide general information about the country involved, prison conditions and the local legal processes.

> If the prison where your friend or relative is being detained agrees, we can, within certain limits, pass on any money you want to send to them to buy prison ‘comforts’, use the phone and so on. In some cases, there may be a charge for this service.

> You should be aware that, in many countries, mail the prisoner sends or receives will be opened and read by the authorities, and phone conversations may be monitored.




A)    Emergency Travel Certificates

1.       Police Letter

2.       Application Form (download from website)

3.       2 Passport size photographs

4.       500 Rubles


B)    Renewal of Passports

1.       Old Passport

2.       Immigration Form A (download from website)

3.       Fee 2000 Rubles

Note: Passport renewal is done at Uganda High Commission in London so the applicant has to meet the necessary delivery costs.


C)    Certification of Documents issued by Uganda Government


1.       Passport Copy

2.       Original Documents Certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

3.       500 Rubles per set of documents


D)    Certification of Documents issued by Russian Federation and CIS


1.      Passport Copy

2.      Original Documents Certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing Country

3.      Translated/Notarized copies

4.      500 Rubles per set

Restricted entry:
Entry may be refused to passengers not holding sufficient funds, return or onward tickets, and other necessary travel documents.

Passport valid past the date of expected departure from Uganda required by all.

Required by all except the following:
(a) nationals of Angola, Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Burundi, Comoros, Cyprus, Eritrea, Fiji, The Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Malta, Mauritius, Rwanda, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tonga, Vanuatu, Zambia and Zimbabwe;
(b) transit passengers continuing to a third country by the same or first connecting flight within 24 hours, provided holding confirmed tickets and travel documents and not leaving the airport.

Requirements for a Business Visa:
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Original Passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Current Bank Statement
  • Hotel booking
  • Return Air ticket
  • If Non-Russian then a resident visa in Russia
  • Visa fee
Requirements for a Tourist Visa:
  • Original valid passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Current bank statement
  • Hotel Booking
  • Return Air ticket
  • If Non-Russian then Resident visa in Russia
  • Visa fee
Visas may be issued at the point entry on arrival to Uganda; check with your local Embassy for further details.

Types of visa and cost:
Single-entry: 1700 RUB (three months).
Multiple-entry: 3400 RUB (six months)

Single-entry: Three months from the date of issue;
Multiple-entry: Six months from the date of issue.

Application to:
Consular section at the Embassy (see Contact Addresses section).

Application requirements:
(a) Passport valid past the date of your expected departure from Uganda.
(b) Copy of the foreign passport(Data page)
(ń) Completed application form (the form is available on the site).
(d) One recent passport-size photo (with full name printed on the back of one).
(e) Visa fee (cash only).

Note: Working journalists require a letter of accreditation issued by the Secretary of the Media Council, Dept of Information, PO Box 7142, Kampala (tel: (41) 232 734; fax: (41) 256 888 or 342 259).

Working days required: Two.

Download Visaform ( 34 kb. )







Two forms should be filled:

1. One form should be filled on line and sent via the Embassy e-mail.

2. Another form fully filled with an original (most recent) passport size photograph attached should be posted to the Embassy's postal address – addressed to the Head of Mission.

Issuance and Renewal of Uganda Passports

Requirements for Renewal of Passports

Requirements for replacement of a Lost Passport

Passport for Children Requirements

Regulations governing importation of Dogs and Cats into Uganda


Issuance and Renewal of Uganda Passports

•  Applicants must carefully read the instructions and also the bottom of the reverse page, before filling in the application forms!

•  Applicants for Passports/Travel Documents must be citizens of Uganda .

•  All application forms must be completed. Uncompleted application forms will not be processed.

•  Applicants are advised to verify and ensure that all requirements have been fulfilled. This will facilitate the expeditious processing of applications.

•  For Ugandans outside the Russian Federation , please enclose a prepaid DHL return envelope to enable the Embassy mail back your passport.

•  Applicants are requested to send the exact money for all fees paid.

•  Applicants may be requested for additional supporting documentation, in addition to the above.

•  Passports are processed on first come first serve basis.

•  For purposes of easing contact with you, please include your day-time telephone number on the residential address bar of your application form.

*Please note that if you withdraw your application for whatever reason, the fee is not refundable*

Requirements for Renewal of Passports

•  Completed Forms A and B

•  Two (2) passport size photos – must be bright, show all facial features and both ears. The photographs should have white background.

•  Submit the old expired passport to be renewed.

•  Fee

** Processing time is two to three months and please note that Passports can still be renewed six (6) months before they expire**

Requirements for Replacement of a Lost Passport

•  Applicants should provide passport numbers of previously held passport or facts about previous passport and when it was issued and file number.

•  Police report

•  Sworn affidavit Form

•  Registration form for Ugandans living abroad

•  Citizen Verification Form

•  Completed Forms A and B and explanation of loss of passport – Whether the passport was mislaid, burnt or stolen and how, where and when it happened.

•  Completed Questionnaire

•  Two (2) clear passport size photographs.

•  Fee

Note : Passports reported lost will be declared null and void. Relevant authorities in Uganda and all countries abroad including the Russian Federation will be informed accordingly.

** Processing time is Three to Five months and please note that passports can still be renewed six (6) months before they expire.

Passport for Children Requirements

•  Completed Forms A and B

•  Two (2) recent passport size photos – must be bright, show all facial features and both ears. The photographs should have white background.

•  Copy of passport (biodata) of the parent requesting for child's passport

•  Original birth certificate if child was born outside Uganda .

•  Fee

** Processing time is Two to Three months and please not that passports can still be renewed six (6) months before they expire**

Regulations governing importation of Dogs and Cats into Uganda

•  Movement Permit

An official and authentic “Movement Permit” should be obtained from the veterinary authority of the area of origin.

•  Certificates

•  A bill of health certifying that the pet is free from disease. It should be issued by a registered veterinary surgeon or official and should be properly signed and stamped within ten days of shipment.

•  A certificate or letter from the local veterinary authorities indicating that the area of origin of the pet is free from rabies.

•  Vaccinations

•  Dogs require vaccination against distemper, hepatitis, Leptospirosos, Parvo-virus and rabies. It should have been done not less than 30 days prior to arrival at any point of entry into Uganda .

•  Cats require vaccinations against Feline Entritis and rabies. It should have been done not less than 30 days prior to arrival at any point of entry into Uganda .

•  Transportation

•  While in transit, Dogs and Cats must not come into contact with other animals. To ensure this, each pet should be appropriately crated.

Certification of documents for transportation of remains of deceased persons to Uganda .

•  Certification is done free of charge. Processing time is 2 working days.

•  The following original documents are required for certification:

•  A Signed letter of request for certification from a responsible person e.g. A relative, an employer etc.

•  The Passport of the deceased

•  A Death certificate

•  A Certificate of Embalmment.

3. The transporting airline will advise the applicant on an appropriate casket.


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